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    A trained professional with over 15 years salon and stylist experience.  Lucas comes to you. 

    I'll show up at your doorstep in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan and give your entire family killer cuts. Check out my gallery for a first hand look at my work. I'll give you styling advice and listen to exactly what you or your kids want so we can make sure you walk away happy. I'm a big fan of Redken products, I'll recommend specific products to suit your style from their comprehensive line. Check out my rates and services or call or text me at 917.403.0818 to schedule an appointment.

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    Call, text or email me to schedule an appointment. I come to you and deliver a professional, salon quality cut in your home. Parents get one free haircut for a child per adult cut. Call or text me for group rates and family discounts. 917.403.0818.


    I deliver salon quality color in your home.  Over 15 years experience working with color and I only use the best product for the particular coloring.  The rate for coloring $100 to $120.


    Need specialized service for an event or just a special night out, call me to discuss.  I can provide a shampoo, blow dry and styling for weddings, events or a night out on the town.

  • Gene K. - Astoria, NY

    The guy can cut hair. Good chops, takes his time and takes pictures of finished work.


    Rocker Dad Doubles as House Call 'Hair Whisperer'

    Lucas Radcliffe — a Bed-Stuy dad and member of the Six Machine rock band — said he makes his living by delivering professional haircuts to the doorsteps of hundreds of regular clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.


    His chair-side manner with young kids has become so admired it's earned him the name "The Hair Whisperer" among customers.



    "I was trained at a high-end salon — Dop Dop Salon — and came up with the idea to take my services to people who can't leave the house, primarily new moms," he said.


    "My clients are used to getting certain types of haircuts but can't bring their kids to the salon. It's easier for the cuts to come to them."

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    Hair stylist cuts and runs

    Six months ago, Lucas Radcliffe was cutting hair at pricey SoHo salon DopDop. These days, the 40-year-old is hustling around Brooklyn, where he has gained notoriety on parenting blogs for his affordable haircut house calls.



    Mr.Radcliffe, who left DopDop when he was moved to a commission-based position, started snagging his own clients after a friend posted his information on Brooklyn-based parenting boards like the Brooklyn Parents of Twins Club. He charges $50 per adult and throws in free haircuts for the kids—but tips are appreciated. “I bring everything,” he says. “All I need is a chair, some water and power.”


    Best Bargain Haircut for You and Your Kids

    A Child Grows In Brooklyn

    So, today, I thought I would let the cat out of the bag…former Soho stylist and Brooklyn dad Lucas Radcliffe is a great haircutter and at a good price. Lucas gives a rockin’ haircut for $60 and your child/ren gets her haircut for free. He will even come to your home to make it easier. I opted to go to his home and I’m glad I did. He had an awesome junior drum set that my kids blasted away on while I got my hair cut in relative peace.


    Lucas also has a flip mohawk (blue, spiky) that entertained (and scared) our 3 year old. When it came time to cut our 3 year old (Birch)’s hair, we had a small glitch. Birch patently refused. So, Lucas pulled out his juggling bag and juggled bowling pins and balls. This guy is a pro juggler. Really. He cut Birch’s hair with some struggle and it was relatively well-done considering the obstacle he had to face: a reluctant kid sitting in my lap turning his head every second.


    Call him before the rest of Brooklyn gets in on the best kept haircut secret.

    Best Haircut of my life, AND he makes housecalls

    Reviews on Yelp

    "The guy can cut hair. Good chops, takes his time and takes pictures of finished work. I'm an asian guy w/ wild, unruly hair. It looks good and he showed me some tricks to deal w/ my doo. Gotta love the guy" - Gene K.



    "To sum it up: Best Haircut of my life, AND he makes housecalls. SUCH A GODSEND!" - Jessica D.


    "He gave our son the coolest, most professional-looking cut he's ever had, and he was a great guy to boot. Great with kids, and apparently will do adults and house calls. How can you beat that?" - Les S.


    Thanks for the great testimonials Yelpers!



    Please list your location and two potential appointment times that you are available.  Also let me know if this is for an adult and/or child and what you need (cut, color, shampoo and blown out...).  Please allow 48 hours for booking.  I'll get back to you with availability. - Lucas

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    Please call or email me to find out more about my services, set up an appointment, get advice, rock, or say hello :D - Lucas